To allow our micro-grid customers to optimize their systems for maximum performance we have designed our meter to provide as much information as possible and whenever required.

Our WiFi meter has the following features:

  • Meter tracks Voltage, Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, PowerFactor, Frequency, Temperature, and Active Demand.
  • Meter exceeds Class 1.0s certification.
  • Meter can remotely disconnect power from a power system’s customer.
  • Meter is contained in a ruggedized tamper resistant case.
  • Meters are designed to be low cost, easy to install and take up a small footprint.

General Specifications

Absolute Maximum Voltage300v
Minimum Voltage100v
Rated Voltage (Un)200v/240v
Extended Operating Voltage Range40%-120%
Maximum Current100 Amperes
Meter ClassIEC 1.0 S
Frequency Rated Frequency (fn)50-60 Hz.
Pulse Constant1000 impulses/kW
Shunt Resistance250 micro Ohms

IEC Data

Meet or exceeds IECClass 1.0s
Actual active energy within+/- 0.5%
Starting Current0.05 Amperes
Creeping Current No current and less than one pulse
Power ConsumptionActive Power is 0.7 W
Apparent power is 1.5 VA
Current circuit 0.15 VA
Insulation Strength4 kV for 1 minute
Pulse Voltage8 kV
Protection ClassClass 2, Double Insulated